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Robotics Surgery

Getting back to normal everyday life after bariatric surgery is every patients’ goal, which is why the surgical team at WellStar uses robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is less invasive and helps patients get back on their feet faster than other bariatric surgery methods including laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery’s minimally invasive approach helps our surgeons at WellStar give patients the best outcomes after weight-loss surgery. 

What is robotics surgery? 

The biggest misconception about robotics surgery is that the surgery is done by machines. This is false. Robotics surgery is still completed done by a human, but they use robotic technology to assist them. The robotic technology is completely controlled by the surgeon and their hand movement. By using robotic technology, surgeons are able to better perform minimally invasive surgeries which leads to better and quicker recovery rates. Robotic technology grants surgeons a granter range of motion and accuracy during operations to give them better results.  

Patient benefits of robotics surgery

Compared to laparoscopic and open surgery, robotic surgery has fewer complications, conversions, readmissions and shorter hospital stays. On average, patients stay in the hospital for one day after surgery, while patients stay more than two days in the hospital after laparoscopic and open surgery, according to research. The biggest bright spot that robotics surgery has is that there are far fewer complications than other types of bariatric surgery. On average, 28.9 percent of open surgeries result in complications. Similarly, up to 18 percent of laparoscopic surgeries may result in complications. Both of these surgeries have far higher complication rates than surgery performed with the da Vinci method. 

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