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Losing weight can feel like an isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, forming a community can help improve your weight loss results. A community is meant to help foster growth on your weight loss journey, but also be there to help when you fall into a rut.

Support groups offer bariatric patients to vent and offer advice to individuals who are going through a similar journey as them. Seeing someone else cope with the same struggles helps individuals form a sense of comradery – it’s them against the problem. This eliminates the lonely feelings that individuals can feel while trying to lose excess weight. Our support groups at WellStar are meant to be close-knit group of your biggest supporters. Unlike other support groups, WellStar aims to be interactive and unique. WellStar strays away from traditional support groups and instead forms close-knit bonds through collaborative engagement.  

 Find your community today by reaching out to WellStar to join one of their support groups. We’ll welcome you with open arms.

Our office has a Facebook page it called WellStar Comprehensive Bariatric Services 2. Please follow the page for update information from the office about support group meetings and more.

WellStar Bariatric Virtual Support Group Schedule 2023

Date, time, and presenter are subject to change at any time throughout the year.

Jan 11, 2023Testimonials
Jan 19, 2023Dr. Robinson
Feb 8, 2023Nutrition
Feb 16, 2023Exercise
Mar 8, 2023Plastic Surgery
Mar 16, 2023Dr. JP
Apr 12, 2023Dr. Rubin
Apr 20, 2023Testimonials
May 10, 2023Exercise
May 18, 2023Stacey
June 7, 2023Dr. Robinson
June 15, 2023TBD
July 12, 2023Plastic Surgery
July 20, 2023TBD
Aug 9, 2023Dr. Robinson
Aug 17, 2023Nutrition
Sept 13, 2023Exercise
Sept 21, 2023Dr. JP
Oct 11, 2023Dr. Rubin
Oct 18, 2023TBD
Nov 8, 2023Nutrition
Nov 16, 2023Exercise
Dec 14, 2023Dr. Jean-Pierre (last Support Group Meeting of the year)

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